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Welcome to PERUFRESH, a new brand of Organics, Exotics and Superfoods, committed to becoming one of the most trusted brands in the industry of beauty and health.

We are growers of Maca and direct exporters of Peruvian products in high demand to consumers around the world. Our products are GMP, FairTrade and Organic Certified, made only with the purest and high quality, giving you nothing else but, premium products at affordable prices and great customer service.

Supply our current customers worldwide with, natural and nutritious Peruvian hard to find Superfoods under the highest international quality standards, exceeding expectations to the most demanding consumer with the commitment to quality and service.

By 2024 to be a leader company in providing healthy food such as fresh fruits, vegetables and fruits in IQF and finish products, with a reliable image, always working in a sustainable manner to preserve the environment.

President and CEO Jerson Salazar has worked with clients big and small from all around the world presenting his product lines of exotics, organics, and superfoods. Jerson was born in "The Pearl of the Andes" Tarma, Junín in Peru. A place known for its clean and fresh air climate with the most stunning views of the world's most beautiful Andes mountains.

In 2005, Jerson was working on a Peruvian project in Berlin, Germany at the Fruit Logistica World Food Exhibition. While there, he was offered a position to work for a Belgian Exotics Fresh Trade company.

While working on this project, it came to his attention that NASA was using Quinoa and Maca for the astronauts being sent into space as part of their nutrition diet. That’s when he realized that the strongest Maca, one of the most powerful organic superfoods in the world, was being grown in his hometown of Tarma Junin by his relatives dating back to the Incan times.

The demand for this unique superfood treasure, his family’s roots, and knowledge of the family farmers led to the creation of PERUFRESH.


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