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Due to its high concentration (10 kg. of maca roots produces 1 Liter of pure extract), it is the best option to obtain fast results since its absorption is instantaneous and it has a nutrient utilization ratio. A powerful shot of vitamins and nutrients.

A combination of yellow, red, and black Maca in equal parts. We process this concentrated liquid in a slow extraction of cold (hydro-alcoholic extraction) that guarantees the purity of the nutrients in the Maca, also taking advantage of a high percentage of other bioactive substances that maca contains.

The new and revolutionary “Maca-Shot” will give the Liquid Energy industry a new natural alternative.

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SUGGESTED USE: Sip a shot or take one teaspoon (5 ml) follow by 100 ml. of water, once a day or as recommended by your health specialist.

INGREDIENTS: Maca root, hydroalcoholic extract.

PRESENTATIONS: Glass bottles of 4ml (0.13 fl. Oz.) and 120 ml. (4 oz.)

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